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Nile University organizes the semi-annual research forum for the undergraduate students periodically, as it is held once at the end of each semester. The research forum for students is one of the most important features of Nile University as a scientific research university and reflects the university’s plan for learning through innovation and applying research.

All university students from various schools participate in the forum. The forum includes the provision of scientific research from the students for evaluation and publishing, in addition to research projects for students of different academic years and graduation projects for final year students.

16th UGRF Competition Guidebook 

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15th Undergraduate Research Forum Testimonials

Hear our amazing students Mohamed Khaled and Mohamed Khaled talking about their UGRF experience.

14th UGRF Testimonials

our amazing student Mohab reveals his impressions on the 2nd Egyptian Junior Researcher Competition.

Hear Hager Zewail City of Science and Technology student talking about Her participation in UGRF.

Hear our amazing students Samar & Nour talking about their UGRF experience.

Hear awesome Shaimaa Samir recalls her UGRF peak moments.

Gaser, a school student, talks about his project IMouse.